Within the labyrinth is found some of the forces one may harness to activate their greatest potential taking the sacred journey to their highest possibilities. In today's grind, people have limiting beliefs due to lacking self-realization often ending up feeling worthless without realizing we are ultimately the creators of our lives.

Everything is said to be frequency. Sound is frequency. Light is frequency. Color is frequency. Everything including ourselves is frequency. A person can choose any frequency they want, and the higher up one goes, the more magical life becomes. Happiness comes at a great price it seems. Either a person does the work to stay fit, eat right, get sunshine, etc., and do the healthy things to make it happen, or indulge in pleasures all the time like doing drugs ending up feeling like a shriveled dried-out raisin at the end of the day. The only real difference is that one will give you life and the other will ultimately take it away.



The Labyrinth community is and has become a tight-knit global group of spiritually-minded individuals who go to the majestic places often found in places of prayer, even though labyrinths have no specific faith affiliation, who say they find a sense of peace and relief by moving through these intriguing structures. In Sedona, the Angel Valley Labyrinth has had a sure path in uncertain times for some time for the journey brings order out of a sense of chaos.

The urge to seek the balance between chaos and order has driven us to search out the deep secrets of labyrinths. While some people are building private labyrinths in backyards, others find ways to share the power with the world or next-door neighbor. It is clearly evident that there is a renewed interest in the effects of the labyrinth on mind, body, and spirit when they are being used in medical institutions, schools, churches, and so on.

"Walking the labyrinth is a time for gaining clarity over one’s intentions, clearing obstacles on the path, and preparing for reaching the destination." Labyrinths—spiraling walkways designed for contemplation—following the path you have to give up the right to make choices because along the way to the center goal there are none. The journey helps a person to realize the storm is inside. The exploration of the self is a dangerous business for some being a map that takes you into your interior world. Black Elk perhaps stated this best when he stated:

"At the Center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit. And the center is really everywhere. It is within each of us."

During the uncertain times of a COVID pandemic, the benefits of walking Angel Valley Labyrinth in Sedona are a sure way to get some focus and perspective one of the appeals for walking the twisting path even during a pandemic.


Sedona Labyrinth

The labyrinth's enigmatic shape has been found to be reappeared all over the world tantalizing archeologists and historians making them ponder what on earth could these symbols mean and what could they possibly be being used for has been the question on the minds of many for some time.

Entering the labyrinth's sacred space is going into the very heart center where one can reach its mysteries enhancing awareness attuning to reach the goal. Working through its various twists and turns going all the way back to ancient Greece and beyond, through its legends, archetypal dream imagery one is given practical projects for personal growth. 

Few things calm the mind like a labyrinth making them somewhat of an enigma. Unlike puzzle mazes which challenge the mind, labyrinths are single-path designs that help people focus and meditate into a center that seriously makes you think and opens your eyes to many of the things of the spirit. These historical concepts, spiritual beliefs, and psychological realities, all point toward the reality of the enigma labyrinths contain within. 

Sedona Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth in the last couple of centuries has reemerged as a metaphor for the spiritual journey of the soul and a powerful tool for transformation. This type of walking meditation is an archetype, an ancient mystical ritual found in all religious traditions throughout the world said to quiet the mind opening the soul to inspire change and renewal serving as a guide to help people develop a higher level of human awareness.

To some, the labyrinth serves as a secret grail in-between the world of the symbolism of own uniquely configured imaginations. It is through the imagination that self-reflection people navigate the imaginative processes through the labyrinth pointing the way to healing and wholeness.

"The labyrinth is a time of reflection, a supernatural mirror, reflecting back the light of our highest selves."

Many have been turning to labyrinth walking for quiet meditation and spiritual healing blending the timeless wisdom and meaning with practical applications. People love walking the walk simply because the process has results that are experiential.

Why do some labyrinths have such astonishing appeal over others? Is there something that makes not all are the same?

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