Sedona Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth in the last couple of centuries has reemerged as a metaphor for the spiritual journey of the soul and a powerful tool for transformation. This type of walking meditation is an archetype, an ancient mystical ritual found in all religious traditions throughout the world said to quiet the mind opening the soul to inspire change and renewal serving as a guide to help people develop a higher level of human awareness.

To some, the labyrinth serves as a secret grail in-between the world of the symbolism of own uniquely configured imaginations. It is through the imagination that self-reflection people navigate the imaginative processes through the labyrinth pointing the way to healing and wholeness.

"The labyrinth is a time of reflection, a supernatural mirror, reflecting back the light of our highest selves."

Many have been turning to labyrinth walking for quiet meditation and spiritual healing blending the timeless wisdom and meaning with practical applications. People love walking the walk simply because the process has results that are experiential.

Why do some labyrinths have such astonishing appeal over others? Is there something that makes not all are the same?