The Labyrinth community is and has become a tight-knit global group of spiritually-minded individuals who go to the majestic places often found in places of prayer, even though labyrinths have no specific faith affiliation, who say they find a sense of peace and relief by moving through these intriguing structures. In Sedona, the Angel Valley Labyrinth has had a sure path in uncertain times for some time for the journey brings order out of a sense of chaos.

The urge to seek the balance between chaos and order has driven us to search out the deep secrets of labyrinths. While some people are building private labyrinths in backyards, others find ways to share the power with the world or next-door neighbor. It is clearly evident that there is a renewed interest in the effects of the labyrinth on mind, body, and spirit when they are being used in medical institutions, schools, churches, and so on.

"Walking the labyrinth is a time for gaining clarity over one’s intentions, clearing obstacles on the path, and preparing for reaching the destination." Labyrinths—spiraling walkways designed for contemplation—following the path you have to give up the right to make choices because along the way to the center goal there are none. The journey helps a person to realize the storm is inside. The exploration of the self is a dangerous business for some being a map that takes you into your interior world. Black Elk perhaps stated this best when he stated:

"At the Center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit. And the center is really everywhere. It is within each of us."

During the uncertain times of a COVID pandemic, the benefits of walking Angel Valley Labyrinth in Sedona are a sure way to get some focus and perspective one of the appeals for walking the twisting path even during a pandemic.