Within the labyrinth is found some of the forces one may harness to activate their greatest potential taking the sacred journey to their highest possibilities. In today's grind, people have limiting beliefs due to lacking self-realization often ending up feeling worthless without realizing we are ultimately the creators of our lives.

Everything is said to be frequency. Sound is frequency. Light is frequency. Color is frequency. Everything including ourselves is frequency. A person can choose any frequency they want, and the higher up one goes, the more magical life becomes. Happiness comes at a great price it seems. Either a person does the work to stay fit, eat right, get sunshine, etc., and do the healthy things to make it happen, or indulge in pleasures all the time like doing drugs ending up feeling like a shriveled dried-out raisin at the end of the day. The only real difference is that one will give you life and the other will ultimately take it away.